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Nico Regente

Nico Regente, a driving force at BIT as the new CFO

Schwalbach, Germany: BIT would like to formally introduce Nico Regente as their new Global Chief Financial Officer. Nico comes to BIT with 13 years of experience in finance and IT leadership roles at Castolin Eutectic, a company of the MEC Holding Group.

MEC Holding Group is privately owned by Messer Group, the largest family-run industrial gases specialist worldwide It consists of 4 diverse and innovative businesses: Messer Cutting Systems, Spectron Gas Control Systems, Castolin Eutectic and BIT.

Nico began his career as the IT controller for Castolin Eutectic in 2006. His achievements and finance skills led him to be subsequently appointed to the position of Chief Financial Officer of the European entity in 2012, followed by promotion to Chief Information Officer in 2015. In 2017, Castolin Eutectic further capitalized on Nico’s leadership abilities and proven track record of success and selected him to take on the roles of both CFO Europa and CIO.

At BIT, the team continues to drive growth, deliver constant improvement and build innovation together with their partners. As CFO, Nico Regente compliments BIT’s direction with his experience leading as an executive within the MEC Holding group for 6 years. He also brings to BIT the long-standing Messer values and heritage that brought the company to its market position today.

As the newest addition to the BIT Family, Nico will be a key partner with CEO Luis de Luzuriaga in bringing BIT to another level in their 43-year-old history of success.

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