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08 Sep: Bringing AR/VR to the Forefront of Medical Device Development, Manufacturing, and Services

This year BIT launched and shared their AR/VR 3D Immersive Experience with attendees of the 2018 AACC Annual Meeting & Expo. Industry leaders from all over the world had the chance to visit BIT’s booth and learn through hands-on experience how Augmented and Virtual Reality simulations will help create major opportunities for the future of medical device development, manufacturing, and services.


04 Sep: Luis de Luzuriaga takes on role as Global CEO

It is BIT’s pleasure to announce that Luis de Luzuriaga will be taking on with immediate effect the role as Global CEO for BIT Group. Luis has been with BIT for three months serving as the CEO for BIT USA. Prior to joining BIT USA, he was the GM and Divisional VP of Abbott Hematology and has previously worked for Leica Biosystems, a Danaher company, Siemens and Bayer.

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21 Mar: Build Innovation Together

BIT is your product development, manufacturing and service partner for high performance clinical, medical and life science devices. We BUILD INNOVATION TOGETHER with our partners.