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BIT Turn Key Article

BIT: The Turnkey Solutions Provider

Are you ready to transition your manual test to automation but can’t find a clear direction moving forward?

Let BIT help you solve your automation issues by leveraging 40 plus years of market experience and full solution offering.

BIT is a market leading turnkey solutions provider for new product design and development, manufacturing, and technical services. By offering a complete range of services globally, we have the capabilities to accelerate product development cycles, apply 43 years of market experience toward your product design, and reduce your overall cost to market. BIT works with clients to Build Innovation Together, ensuring your product meets the market needs from a time, cost, technology, and functionality perspective.

Does your instrumentation require additional key functional area design and development support?

With over 150 engineers and scientists on staff, and broad experience in the IVD and Life Sciences markets, BIT is ready to apply our experts to ensure your product development delivers a best-in-class result. While each project may have a different starting position, BIT’s applied methodologies help our clients achieve product designs that exceed market needs by applying in-house market knowledge, challenging market norms and offering a range of possible technology enhancements in design.

BIT’s latest example of achievement occurred in the allergy testing market. In 2018, the BIT team delivered a fully automated high-throughput allergy testing platform seen as the greatest breakthrough technology for routine allergy testing in over 20 years. No longer will patients be required to undergo a range of invasive skin tests, now the results can be delivered from simple small blood analysis.

Creating cutting-edge and ground-breaking technologies are in BIT’s DNA.

Are you looking for an established manufacturing partner to help bring your device to life or expand capacities with minimal capital investment?

BIT’s foundation started in manufacturing in 1976 with our first device, a medical product for Siemens. Since then, BIT has delivered over 170,000 instruments that have reached more than 35,000 laboratories worldwide. To this day Siemens remains one of our primary customers for manufactured devices.

Now, with more than 130,000 sq. ft lean-manufacturing space, BIT can effectively manufacture and service equipment locally in Europe, the United States, and China. All activities at BIT are fully ISO 13485 and FDA certified, making sure that you are always compliant with global regulations.

Our global footprint also allows for more efficient management of supply chain and after-sales services. This ensures our clients receive products that are cost competitive in a challenging market and have access to services that will extend your product service capabilities as needed.

Do you have a robust product service plan ready for day 1 of your commercial launch?

In today’s market, a high level of customer service and support is an expectation, not a bonus feature. BIT starts designing service day 1 of the product development process and continues this focus into manufacturing. In addition, for many clients, we also provide various levels of service support for their products.

Globally, BIT services over 1000 units per year for more than ten specific clients. When it comes to you and your customers’ needs, we offer first class service for a wide range of medical diagnostics devices. With all repair centers housed in manufacturing facilities that are ISO 13485 and FDA certified along with a global ERP system covering manufacturing, spare parts, and service, BIT has the capabilities to keep your customers up and running while providing you with solid service programs at minimal expense.

BIT – Build Innovation Together

Founded in 1976, BIT’s tagline is not just a statement but an internal edict of how to work with our clients. We develop, manufacture, and service high performance clinical, medical, and life science devices for clients, allowing them to improve and save lives worldwide.

Our mission is to help our clients rapidly and efficiently provide innovative and cost-effective products to the market, specifically focusing on the hematology, immunology, molecular, anatomical pathology, and clinical chemistry segments. BIT has a proven history of success in living up to our commitments of working with partners while driving innovation in the market. However, success does not come without challenges, and at BIT the team continues to rise to the occasion, drive constant improvement, and work with our clients to continue this history of achievement.

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