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Hematology Article

Proven Innovation: BIT Hematology has delivered over 35,000 hematology instruments to its partners as of end 2020

BIT Hematology is specialized in designing, developing, and manufacturing hematology systems (instruments and exclusive reagents) for the low and mid-volume markets.

As an expert in the industry, BIT has developed partnerships with large IVD diagnostic companies and global distributors. As of today, BIT has delivered more than 35,000 hematology instruments to its diagnostics clients.

While being designed to be reliable, easy to use, cost-effective, and produce high-quality results, the instruments all work with very small blood samples and use a unique combination of two reagents and a cleaner for CBC and white blood cell (WBC) differential. This is all achieved in a basically maintenance-free fluidic concept.

BIT develops innovative and patented technologies and offers opportunities at any stage to its partners while providing a large choice of options. These options range from optimized platforms to co-development with a high level of technological customization.

BIT teams are flexible and agile and work closely with their partners. They understand that time to market is of utmost importance for their customers and can start implementing the design transfer at an early stage in the project.

BIT is committed to consistently bring innovation in hematology with unique solutions through continuous investment and is looking forward to a bright future.

Regardless of what stage your project is in, BIT is the partner and solutions provider who can help bring your instrumentation to commercialization.
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