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30000 Hematology

BIT Hematology has delivered over 30,000 hematology instruments to its partners worldwide as of June 2019

BIT’s Hematology Division is specialized in designing, developing and manufacturing hematology instruments and exclusive reagents for our partners.

Thanks to 25 years of leadership experience in hematology innovation, BIT has delivered more than 30,000 hematology instruments to its diagnostics clients. These instruments are now being used in all regions of the world, from satellite laboratories of integrated networks to remote hospitals.

BIT’s Hematology instruments are designed to deliver high-quality results, reliability, and cost-effectiveness for our partners’ customers. In addition, BIT continuously invests in additional research and development activities to provide further innovative solutions both now and for the future.

What can BIT Hematology do for you?

1. We understand that time to market is of the utmost importance for you

In the case of development projects, BIT begins planning for the design transfer at an early stage in order to speed up time to market. By utilizing in-house modular designs specifically focused on hematology instruments and involving manufacturing at the beginning of any project, BIT Hematology ensures that the manufacturing transfer process is seamless and efficient.

2. Opportunity at any stage

BIT’s capabilities are multi-faceted, meaning our clients may enter at any stage of the design process that will create the best opportunity for them. For example, our clients may opt for a generic hematology platform predeveloped by BIT or, they may leverage their own IPs and concepts to create an analyzer tailored to their specific needs. In any design, flexible levels of customization are achievable. Regardless of direction, our clients have the ability to manage the overall project costs and time to market respectively to their individual product requirements. This flexibility allows for the optimal development pathway for all BIT Hematology partners.

Let’s BUILD INNOVATION TOGETHER in the art of hematology.

With pre-developed subassemblies and systems that allow ultimate client flexibility, BIT is the premier choice for an efficient and reliable hematology development and manufacturing partner. This business model has resulted in many of our original clients staying with us and delivering over 30,000 units to the market across the globe.

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