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Molecular Diagnostics (MDx) is being used more and more as a major diagnostic tool and in recent years has become the primary method of testing for many applications where genetic information is present in a patient sample. Also, with automation being more widespread, MDx has become a cost-effective and less invasive alternative to previous methodologies as it can be both quantitative and qualitative.
Since molecular information can be amplified at very low concentrations, the benefits of MDx in early detection of a genetic marker give way to earlier treatments and therapies in the fields of donor testing, infectious disease testing, disease management, oncology, pharmacogenomics, and prenatal screening.
By analyzing the specifics of the patient and their disease, molecular diagnostics offers the prospect of personalized medicine.
BIT can enable its molecular diagnostic partners by utilizing our engineering and manufacturing expertise in the automation of complex workflows, experience in creating laboratory instruments for proprietary consumables (including microfluidics), or skill sets in developing high quality high manufacturing volume instruments for near patient care. Whether you have an isothermal, qPCR, cfDNA, CTC, syndromic test, sequencing, POC, or other novel or traditional application, BIT is equipped to provide quick to market instrument solutions.
BIT’s track record
From DNA extraction to detection
BIT uses a pragmatic approach to instrument development for our molecular clients. We understand our client’s application expertise is critical for a successful project and we involve them deeply in our process.

Utilizing BIT’s team based approach allows for quick navigation through unforeseen obstacles and the ability to keep our sight on the goal.

What makes our devices special

DNA extraction and clean up

  1. Magnetic and silica bead extraction: lysate creation, bead handling, efficient bead separation, heating/cooling accuracy
  2. Centrifugation: integrated, swing bucket, rotor actuation, up to 12k rpm
  3. Columns: tube handling, vacuum pressure accuracy and precision
Whether using commercially available kits or a “home brew” you can be assured of the highest yields possible from your samples.


  1. Traditional PCR: thermocycling accuracy (±0.25°C), uniformity (±0.5°C), ramp rate (up to 2.5 °C/sec), plates, tubes, proprietary consumables
  2. Isothermal: pipetting accuracy and timing, primer addition scheduling, integration of consumables
Temperature profiles with ramp rates, accuracy, and uniformity suitable for the most complex NGS library preps or qPCR applications.


  1. Electrical: semiconductor, label-free
  2. Optical: fluorescence, chemiluminescence, turbidity (also proficient in colorimetric and imaging techniques)
Fluorescence is an extremely sensitive detection method for molecular assays but with wide wavelength ranges, selectable bandwidths, and high signal to noise ratios you will be able to more precisely dial in and differentiate your fluorescent labels.

Additional capabilities

  1. Elimination of carryover: disposable tip handling, closed tube sampling, continuous loading of samples and reagents
  2. Process monitoring: liquid level detection, clot detection, sample tracking, 1D/2D bar code reading, event scheduling
  3. Sample processing: annealing, enrichment, hybridization, post-PCR clean up, normalization, rt-PCR, end point PCR to sequencing, genotyping, gene expression
  4. Software: graphic user interface, data reduction, data transfer, LIMS integration
With the ability to integrate common or novel components and quickly adapt their experience to innovative projects, BIT is fully equipped to design, develop, and manufacture instrument solutions for molecular applications.
molecular devices
Portfolio Excerpts
Next Generation Sequencing Instrument
  • Benchtop semiconductor sequencer
  • For major OEMs and start-ups
  • Early to market, low cost
  • BIT USA, collaborative development and high volume manufacturing
  • Next generation sequencing
  • Automated benchtop NGS library and template prep with chip loading
  • BIT USA, SMARTmodule adaptation and supply
Lucigen ClariLight™
  • Molecular diagnostics
  • Cartridge-based 30 min. sample-to-result (extraction, amplification and detection)
  • Point of care testing platform
  • Designed for CLIA-waiver
  • Development by BIT USA
Are you working on a new molecular diagnostic device? Let’s discuss how to help you develop it faster, accelerate the regulatory process and increase your margin.
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Mona Elkebir
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