We have over 20 years of experience in this segment
Hematology is the study of the cause, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases related to blood. A blood count, also known as a complete blood cell count, provides information about the cells in a patient’s blood, such as the cell count for each cell type and the concentrations of various proteins and minerals.
At BIT Group, we have been designing, manufacturing and servicing automated blood count machines for over forty years. Automated equipment to carry out blood counts was first developed in the 1950s and together with the most innovative health care companies, we have taken the technology to a whole new level.
Designing and manufacturing medical devices for counting blood cells has been BIT’s home turf for over four decades.
BIT’s track record
Taking hematology diagnostics to a new level
Based on remarkable features and patented technologies, BIT hematology instruments range provides unique analyzers with optimized performance for both Complete Blood Count (CBC) and 5 Part Differential. With more than 20 years of experience in hematology, BIT has taken the technology to a whole new level introducing new concepts over the years.

Performant, accurate and easy to use, BIT instruments support professionals to save time and deliver reliable results.

What makes our devices special

Reduced volumes

  1. One diluent
  2. One cleaning solution
  3. One lyse
  4. Cyanide-free reagents
  5. Use half reagents than other systems with optical bench
The unique fluidics design makes reagent consumptions very low compared to other devices.


  1. Life time tubing
  2. Very few components
  3. All components and parts are designed to simplify maintenance
Our instruments are designed for reliability. Each component used is optimized with an overall reduced parts number in each instrument.

LED-based flow cytometry optical bench

  1. Excellent 5Part definition
  2. Enhanced cluster definition with 5Part differential algorithm
  3. Excellent 5Part stability after blood draw
The entire system is made to provide the best results.

High level performance

  1. Only 15.6 µL of whole blood for CBC or DIF analysis
  2. 60 samples per hour
  3. Very small footprint
  4. Easy to operate
Our hematology devices are small, easy to operate and provide high throughput volumes.
hematology devices
Portfolio Excerpts
  • Small footprint benchtop 5-Part differential (5DIF) hematology analyzer
  • Designed to perform at 60 tests per hour throughput
  • Features a brand new LED based flow cytometry optical bench
  • Full optical 5-Part differential with enhanced clusters definition
Please contact us directly to find out what we can do for you. We have worked with many clients over the years but due to confidentiality reasons, we cannot display our full range of products here.
Are you working on a new hematology diagnostic device? Let’s discuss how to help you develop it faster, accelerate the regulatory process and increase your margin.
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Global Business Development
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Mona Elkebir
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