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MEC Academy Welcomes BIT Participants And Other Members Of The MEC Group

Bad Soden, Germany – The parent company of BIT, MEC Group, launched the third “MEC Academy” program in September. Participants from all the four Divisions of MEC joined for a four-day kickoff in Bad Soden, Germany.

Module one focused on learning and exchanging information about MEC’s diverse companies. By meeting people from the other entities and their products as well as production facilities, the attendees were able to gain a bigger picture of MEC. The Module furthermore treated leadership and transition towards success in a rapidly evolving world. In several sessions and workshops that included a close interaction with the MEC management, the team gained insight into best practices, experiences, culture, and common challenges within MEC.

“MEC Academy made me feel like BIT and I were part of a much bigger family. It was inspiring to see how far our reach is and how much potential we have to go even further. I also really enjoyed meeting our fellow team members from all over the world and learning about their cultures.” (Eric Romero, BIT USA)

“The first session was a great starting point to get the big picture of the Messer World. It was amazing to see the cutting machines factory and how large and efficient those systems can be. A special thank you to my German colleagues for showing me the most traditional places around. I am really looking forward for the next sessions.” (Maxime Leveau, BIT France)

“It was a great experience to meet people of the Messer World from all around the globe and to get to know their companies and products, but also their challenges. I really appreciate the interesting workshops and discussions and that the top management has taken the time for us. I am looking forward to the next modules and I hope that we can actively shape our company’s future.” (Korbinian Rüth, BIT Germany)

BIT and MEC participants on photo:

Gabriele Antoni-May, HR Director MEC Group (1st from left), Stefan Messer (center, 9th from left), Eric Romero, BIT USA (front row, 1st from right), Anka Schönberger, Academy organizer, MEC Group (back row, 2nd from right), Korbinian Rüth, BIT Germany (back row, 8th from right), Maxime Leveau, BIT France (front row, 9th from right), other participants from MEC, Messer Cutting Systems, Castolin Eutectic

Specializing in “Instrumentation for Life,” BIT Group provides contract product development, manufacturing and after-sales services, as well as white-label instruments, for life science, medical and IVD instrumentation OEMs. Quality and regulatory standards include GMP, FDA registered, ISO13485, QSR and CE IVD Directive. BIT Group‘s global operations in USA, Germany, France, China & Japan deliver precision engineered, cost effective systems solutions. Pre-engineered BIT SMARTSOLUTIONS™ platform technologies reduce development cost and time-to-market; lean manufacturing centers and global supply chain enable competitive product cost.


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