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BIT News Update

Coronavirus Update

Dear Valued BIT Clients and Partners:

While we do not need to make you aware of the effects of the Coronavirus or its effects on social and business climates, we did want to take a moment to update you on BIT’s and Messer’s actions. As BIT has presence globally, we need to ensure that our actions as an organization represent the best interests of each market situation and our clients.

BIT has two major responsibilities as this pandemic spreads around the world. First, we must keep our employees safe and healthy to the best of our ability. Second, we must do everything in our power to ensure continued supply to our valued clients. At present, BIT is continuing to operate at all locations without interruption. In addition, we continue to work internally to manage supply of materials for production and sourcing alternatives when there is an effect on delivery to our clients. This is a daily effort requiring a high level of resources and one that can cause us to be less responsive on other matters, but rest assured we are using all means necessary to minimize any disruptions to our clients.

In the past weeks, we have seen governments, businesses and public events continue to take unprecedented steps to help stem the spread of this virus. Travel has been restricted, public gatherings have been limited, and sporting seasons have been suspended indefinitely. BIT has also issued internal polices to help in the prevention of spread. However, given the most recent changes in the European and USA markets, it is clear that the outbreak is worsening. We know that victims spread the virus long before they are aware they have it.

In this light, to both protect the health of our employees and to ensure continued uninterrupted service to our valued clients, we are suspending visits from Customers, Suppliers, and outside sales reps until further notice. In addition, we are suspending visits to clients by the BIT team and asking that we continue to work with them remotely until there is a large decline in the spread of this virus.

We recognize that our facilities, and more importantly, the people working in them are our greatest advantage. We also recognize that the devices we design, and manufacture are also required in the continued welfare of the markets we serve. As such we will continue to operate and deliver, trying to minimize disruption, and will look to restore our normal open-door visitation policies as soon as prudent, using the health and well-being of our customers, suppliers, employees and community as the guide.

As the situation continues to evolve and develop, we will keep you informed and updated.

Thank you

Nico Regente – CFO  and Eric Stewart – VP Global Marketing and NA Business Development


A note from Messer (BIT’s parent company) on their activities in response

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